Vulture Alliance

Vulture Alliance (VA)

The Vulture Alliance is a collaboration amongst VulPro, the International Centre for Birds of Prey and, Wildlife Vets International, in which all involved organisations work together towards a common goal; saving vultures.

The combination of these knowledgeable individuals and organisations allows all parties involved to achieve various aims and objectives, all for the purpose of making a positive and direct impact towards both, in-situ and ex-situ vulture conservation.


  • To improve survival and rehabilitation rates of injured wild vultures by improving local veterinary facilities and by the training of local rehabilitators and veterinary surgeons.
  • To develop release techniques to optimise long term survival rates.
  • To maximize the productivity of un-releasable ex free living vultures, maintaining their genetic diversity, by research into artificial incubation and rearing techniques and application of techniques learnt.
  • To create a multi centric (in situ and ex situ) productive captive population of endangered vulture species (an ARK), to avoid extinction, such that re-introductions to safe environments can be achieved if proven necessary and available.
  • To raise global public awareness into the plight of free living vulture populations.
  • To be involved in and catalyse active research, for the benefit of vultures populations and to publish the results.
  • To use innovative technology, to reduce the current rate of attrition caused by power cable strikes and wind farms.
  • To share and disseminate all information learnt.

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