The Sean Williams Living Creatures Trust Hide

Situated at the vulture centre and approximately 12 metres away from the vulture restaurant, the Sean Williams Living Creatures Trust Hide vulture hide offers both experienced and inexperienced photographers and bird watchers the opportunity to view and photograph vultures in close proximity. The cost is R170 per person, including a sandwich and beverage, and the hide can comfortably accommodate 4 photographers.

We have recently enclosed the hide with a paddock to prevent the feeding birds from being disturbed by resident horses and dogs and to ensure the best possible experience for individuals utilizing the hide.

Hide 2

Outside view of hide. 

Hide 1


View from inside of the hide.

The hide is available through bookings only, please use the form below to make one.

Making a hide booking does not allow you to visit and photograph the captive birds. If you would like to tour the facility, please let us know so we can arrange for our staff to be available to take you on a tour.

Please also note, the entire Centre is a non-smoking facility and no smoking will be allowed. In addition, you may bring your own food and drinks with you but please take your rubbish back home with you.

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Notes for Visitors & Photographers

If you are using a body with a full frame sensor, the ideal lens is between 300 and 400mm, the birds are large and landing close, a 400mm will often clip off a wingtip or two.
If you shoot with a crop / 1.6 sensor, the ideal lens would be between 200 and 300mm.

When visiting Vulpro, please call us to open the gate as there is no other way for us to know you are waiting at the gate. Make a note of our numbers now, or save it in your phone.

If you wish to bring food for the birds, it is essential to discuss this with us in advance. Please do not bring bones, scraps or ‘offal’, we use whole carcasses that are free of veterinary medications and lead . If you are bringing food, you will need to arrive by or before 7am, as you cannot go got to place food at the feeding site once birds are present. We usually put food out the evening before.