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Latest Press Releases- Putting vultures first: Data sharing for conservation

VulPro Data Sharing

27 September, 2017
Good day, conservation partners.
Putting Vultures First: data sharing for conservation
For the decade of our existence, VulPro has collected substantial data on a range of vulture species with the aim of better understanding these beautiful birds. Following a board meeting that plotted out the vision for VulPro for the next few years, we have taken the bold decision to make our data free for use.
All of this data will henceforth be made available to consultants, researchers and fellow conservationists. In exchange, VulPro only asks that the source of the data is always properly accredited, regardless of the nature of use. In the event of VulPro staff collaborating with a researcher, terms can be worked out in a Memorandum of Understanding or project proposal.
VulPro will release data in annual tranches so that the data that is provided is always of the highest quality. VulPro prides itself on the accuracy and dedication of our field technicians and the quality of VulPro data reflects this.
At this early stage, VulPro will release data by request, with a form to be filled out reflecting the research project for which the data will be used. This record keeping function is important in order to understand what conservation value the investment in data collection yields for our donors and staff. In addition, we hope that our tracking of the way that the data is used will keep communication between VulPro and our partners open so that VulPro can assist and collaborate where needed.
In keeping with our mission of always “Putting Vultures First”, VulPro looks forward to a new era in conservation where the territoriality of the past is dispelled in the interests of a united goal to understand, protect and conserve vultures.
In order to access VulPro data, please forward your request to We look forward to many happy collaborative projects with our numerous colleagues dedicated to vulture conservation around the globe.
Kerri Wolter

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