Rehabilitation Center

Open to the public by appointment only, the vulture rehabilitation centre is situated just outside of Hartbeespoort dam, below the Magaliesberg Mountains on a small holding totaling 9,4 hectares. (Did you know the Magaliesberg Range is one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world?). School tours are offered and community service projects are also available on request. Family picnics can also be arranged. Please be sure to make an appointment if you would like to visit the Center. Admission prices are kept to a minimum with the full amount going straight back into vulture conservation:

  • R120.00 per person including a tour, beverage, and a toasted sandwich.
  • Hide booking- R170.00 per person including hide, beverage, and a toasted sandwich (From 8:30 am to 14:00 pm)

We work strictly on a cash basis, so all fees can be settled in cash on arrival.

Tours are available on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 10:00 am, and 14:00pm ONLY. Bookings are essential

The Centre’s aim is to release all flightable, fit and healthy birds back into the wild as soon as possible and to provide a safe haven for those unable to be successfully released. The birds housed on a permanent basis fall into our educational, breeding or research programmes. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate all birds of prey and these are then handed over to reputable organisations such as the National Bird of Prey Centre in the UK for their display and breeding programmes.

The Centre is occasionally visited by our wild resident Cape Vultures which roost and breed on the Magaliesberg Mountains, as well as the occasional vagrant Marabou Stork. Other smaller wild bird species to be seen visiting the centre include; black-breasted snake eagles, yellow-billed kites, crimson breasted shrike, speckled pigeons, waxbills, thrush, and cattle egrets to name a few.

The Centre is home to a large number of birds of prey although our focus remains on vultures:

  • Cape Vultures
  • African White-backed Vultures
  • Lappet-faced Vultures
  • White-headed Vultures
  • Palm-nut Vultures
  • South American Black Vulture
  • South American King Vulture
  • Fish Eagle
  • Andean Condors
  • For additional variety, we also have some very friendly horses


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