VulPro Volunteers

VulPro host many volunteers throughout the year, from all across the globe. Being a non-profit organisation, having individuals assist us with our daily tasks is of great help.

VulPro offers a unique experience, being the only organisation of its kind on the African continent, we provide an adventure that will not be easily forgotten.

VulPro volunteers experience life amongst vultures, feeding, cleaning, veterinary checks, and of course, knowledge sharing about these magnificentfiscent creatures.

We would like to share some of our previous volunteer’s experiences below:

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17759826_10155245022378223_1252873740180962283_nBernette Louw: “As a volunteer at Vulpro, you are given the opportunity to be involved – you are encouraged to participate in all the work and duties and I really enjoyed that. I quickly became comfortable with the daily chores and tasks and loved how the staff involved me in so many areas, from feeding to cleaning, from picking up birds to holding them.

Being so close to these magnificent birds has given me new insight.  Vultures are curious, fun and have a comical way about them when investigating new things, they show excitement and appreciation, and they express a tenderness towards their mates that is truly touching.  They are also serious, sensitive and intense. When they looked at me, their piercing stare touched my heart, every time!

I have come away from Vulpro with a deeper knowledge and understanding, more commitment to these birds than ever before and so much gratitude.”

20170330_084204Jennifer White: “Going to VulPro wasn’t just a month of volunteering, it was an eye opening experience that has not only changed my view on life and given me good friends, i now have new experiences I won’t forget and I left with much more knowledge than I arrived with.

Throughout my time working there, I helped hand feed vultures who need additional care, monitor a critically ill bird on a drip, assist the girls on site and at the vets with treatments, conduct field powerline surveys and of course general husbandry and maintenance of the aviaries. I also joined Anzelle and Charne at an Earth Hour expo to spread the word of VulPro and the work they do.

March 2017 was an unforgettable part of my life and I will always continue to support Kerri and her team and all the work they do. I hope I will be able to return in the near future to see everyone again and make even more of a difference. I recommend to anyone who reads this that they do their research and support this incredible organisation, whether that be a simple donation or getting on a flight to South Africa and physically joining in at VulPro and I can guarantee you’ll be welcomed and valued by all members there.”

18423906_10212560519026042_8409865650167403948_nDaniel Collin: “I did my best not to anticipate too much when I came to Vulpro but this being my first time properly working with vultures or visiting Africa at all I ended up having high expectations, and Vulpro exceeded them with ease. Kerri and the team made me feel incredibly welcome and always did their best to get me involved with whatever they were doing from rehabilitating birds, to joining in with pick-ups, to working on the new release site. A couple of personal highlights were assisting in a wild release of two Cape vultures at Nooitgedacht game reserve and helping to rehabilitate a baby barn owl who ended up staying in my room towards the end of my stay.

The daily tasks, though hard work, were always interesting, I developed a new level of squeamishness with the feeds and cleaning the vulture restaurant, crushing bones with a hammer to give the birds a calcium supplement (A role usually filled by hyenas in a natural environment) was interesting but the best part of the day by far was collecting branches for the breeding pairs to make their nests. I also felt very lucky to have witnessed the first eggs of the breeding season on my final days before going home.

All in all I had amazing time with VulPro, there was never a dull moment and I consider it nothing short of an honour to be able to have had a firsthand view of their work and helped them out with what they are doing for these magnificent species. While I initially started out passionate about vultures I left with an absolute love for them. I saw a side to vultures I never dreamed of and I wish this organisation every bit of luck in their endeavour of safeguarding these natural marvels. I can’t thank Kerri and the team enough for making my stay a memorable one and I hope to see the place again very soon”

DianeDianne Donehue: “I have always had an affinity with animals especially birds and could not imagine a life without being involved with them in some way.

I’m from Melbourne Australia, diploma in civil engineering and a grad dip in computer science. I have always had cockatoo’s and parrot’s in my life.

I came to Africa 2 years ago and have wanted to come back ever since to be more hands on with wildlife.

When I saw that Vulpro wanted volunteers and it was working with birds I jumped at the opportunity.

I am now learning a great deal about birds of prey with a wonderful group of  people.”

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