Cape Vulture – Tag 017

Cape Vulture- Tag 017


Cape Vulture- Tag 017 as a malnourished fledgling being rehabilitated at Vulpro

Tag 017 is a very exciting vulture to monitor, not only is this vulture tagged but was fitted with a satellite tracking device as well.  This vulture is one of our most exciting global travellers, giving us spectacular movements which we have mapped, the story is even more special as this vulture started off life as a malnourished fledgling which VulPro rescued and rehabilitated at the centre, prior to release.

Tag 017's composite movement summary from February 2015 to July 2016

Tag 017’s composite movement summary from February 2015 to July 2016


Update 2nd September 2016

Here is the latest update from our vulture Tag 017.  This range map is a composite from the 26th of July 2016 to the 30th of August 2016 showing movements into Mozambique and then back into Zimbabwe, where he seems to be content foraging.

Tag 017 range map August 2016

Tag 017 range map August 2016

Update 9th September 2016

Tag 017 is certainly racking up his frequent flyer miles,  below is the latest map of his movements.  He is finally back in South Africa, so please do keep a watch out for him and report back to us if you do spot him, photos would be greatly appreciated.  We hope in his journey that he decides to come and pay us a visit at VulPro,  he is currently 480km from us and considering the kilometers that he has accumulated, that is nothing for this high flying vulture.
Tag 017 Map, 9th September 2016

Tag 017 Map, 9th September 2016

Update 22nd September 2016 

Our “voyager miles” Cape Vulture Tag 017 is now foraging in the Kruger National Park. For those of you who follow our work and are visiting KNP, please keep an eye out for him and get pictures if possible!  We would love to be able to post photos taken by some of our loyal supporters.

Cape Vulture Tag 017 - 22nd September 2016

Cape Vulture Tag 017 – 22nd September 2016

Update 30 November 2016

Cape 017 has not moved far from Kruger National Park over the last few months.  He ranged west outside of the park for a few days, but then returned.  Just in the last few days he has moved north into Zimbabwe.  His GPS unit recorded him at the same location for over 24 hours, prompting us to send a search party…. GPS units have alerted us to poisoning incidences before, and we feared the worst for our friend. Concerned colleagues in Zimbabwe jumped into action and looked for him in South Gonarezhou National Park.  They did not see him directly, but an arial survey found a buffalo carcass where birds were feeding!  The next day his GPS device recorded him on the wing again moving further north-east.

Update 26 January 2017

He has decided to leave Kruger NP and we have been anxiously awaiting his return to VulPro.  However, he had other plans in mind.  Upon leaving the Park in December (purple dots, see map below), he flew quickly west, but well north of Vulpro, and settled in the region between Zeerust and Lichtenburg.  He has been foraging in the area all of January (green dots).  Through this bird’s tracking device data and several others, we have identified this area as a vulture hot spot.  However, we also know from our power line surveys and rehabilitation work that power lines pose a very real threat to birds in the region.  We wish him the best of luck and we are always keeping a watchful eye, thanks to the GPS.CV017 Dec16(purple) and Jan17green)

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