Leave a legacy

Leaving a legacy is the greatest thing any human being can do before passing on.  It is a remembrance of you and all that you stand for and believe in.
Leaving a gift in your Will to VulPro is a gift of hope for future vulture and human generations to come. It is a unique gift that will help take care of Nature’s Clean-up Crew. It’s a gift to those you love, to enable them to continue to enjoy nature and the freedom to be in the wild. It’s knowing that thanks to you, these magnificent birds continue to form an important ecological component of our natural environment, cleaning up dead carcasses and decreasing the spread of some diseases. Their powerful digestive systems neutralize bacteria and viruses that cause cholera, botulism, rabies, anthrax, polio, tuberculosis, leprosy and other diseases to help keep every living thing in our environment safe and healthy.
If you can’t afford to help them now, please consider helping them when money is no longer important to you. By making provisions to help Africa’s vultures, you are leaving a legacy to ultimately save mankind.
Please contact us at admin@vulpro.com for more info and/or for a copy of our Codicil.
Cape Vulture