Found a Vulture?

Have you found a vulture, bird of prey or other large bird that needs help in Southern Africa? (or even further afield).

Signs to look out for:
  • Vulture on the ground not moving.
  • Vulture below a powerline structure
  • Vulture on the ground that can’t take off or stay airborne
  • Vulture stumbling and falling
  • Vulture in reservoirs or a body of water it cannot stand up in.
  • Vulture on water weeds (hyacinth etc)
Every single bird we can save is essential to the survival of this species. Call us, even if unsure of the status.
Please call Kerri immediately (All Hours!).

In many cases, hours make the difference between life or death / releasable or not, so do not wait!


+27 82 808 5113